Labor of Love

Closer CoinsTM are a labor of love—my husband and I live each day moving closer to an important event. Our youngest son, Phil, left this earth for Heaven at the age of 16, after a five-and-half year battle with Leukemia. We live with the Hope that each moment brings us ever closer to seeing Phil again. We carry a Closer CoinTM with us as a reminder of the wonderful reunion to come. We are thankful to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for preparing a place where there will be no more tears.

Born out of Hope

Born out of Hope, Closer CoinsTM are now being made available as an encouragement for all those looking forward to this same Heavenly reunion with a friend or loved one. They can be carried in your pocket, kept on your nightstand, or even held in your hand during moments of remembering, encouraging you to keep going when the way seems long.

Closer CoinsTM can also be a reminder that the passing of time is bringing you ever closer to whatever it is you are moving towards. Maybe it is the return of a loved one from a tour of duty, or a missionary assignment. There are also those needing encouragement that each medical procedure or treatment is one less to be endured on the way back to good health, or others who have a close family member spending time behind bars—each day counted brings freedom closer into view.

Closer CoinsTM are as unique as each individual reason you give us for designing one.

A New Meaning

These coins take our focus off the amount we have left, and instead remind us of how much God has already helped us through, being encouraged that He will continue to strengthen us for the entire “journey.”

Designed for You

Each Closer CoinTM is designed specifically around your need. You have a choice of colors and designs, and then the opportunity to personalize them with a name, date, Scripture verse, or any other word(s) you would like included. They are a unique gift of compassion when the time seems to be moving so slowly, either for yourself or someone you know.

What to say…what to say…

We also have an assortment of note cards for you to choose from. The right words can be so difficult to find, so we hope the messages we’ve provided here will be of some help. If you would like to write your own message, you can do that also. The coins and/or cards can then be sent directly to the recipient, or they can be shipped to you and be personally delivered and/or sent by you.

Doses of Hope

These Closer CoinsTM may not be just a one-time gift of encouragement, especially if someone very close to you is in need of more frequent doses of hope. You may want to reorder in the future, commemorating another milestone along the way for your friend or loved one. Closer CoinsTM help you let someone know that you are thinking of them, while reminding them of the progress being made. God is always working on our behalf; it is important to share that good news with one another.

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